Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Submitt a Medical Billing Program?
    A: No.

  2. Does Submitt send my claims to Medical Aids?
    A: No.

  3. What is Submitt?
    A: Submitt is an online app that assists doctors in private practice with sending their patient billing information to their billing companies within seconds.

  4. How does work?
    A: The doctors and rooms have access to an app that allows users to either build a data set online or simply send a picture.

  5. Does Submitt keep billing codes?
    A: Yes, Submitt keeps a updated Bhf/Sama file so the doctor/rooms always sends the correct billing codes as code descriptions are provided.

  6. What do I need to use Submitt?
    A: A smartphone/tablet with auto zoom function or a laptop/desktop. Users will also need internet connectivity (at least 3G).

  7. How are billing forms received?
    A: Via PDF format.

  8. Which specialities can use submitt?
    A: Any medical speciality can use Submitt, Submitt also provides customized billing codes.

  9. Is Submitt safe to use?
    A: Yes all information is encrypted and backed up daily.

  10. How do I sign up?
    Simply click on signup and within minutes your profile will be approved.

  11. Are you bound by contract to Submitt?
    A: No, if you are not happy, you can simply send us a email and we will close your account immediately.

  12. What are the benefits of using Submitt?
    A: Live time billing, speed and accuracy.

  13. To use the app on my phone/tablet, do I need to download Submitt?
    No Submitt is online app so it can be accessed at any time, from any device.