POPI Compliance Agreement

We hereby confirm that our company Submitt is Compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act in respect to the following:

  1. Processing of Personal Information:
    As operators we undertake to ensure that all personal information that is being processed on behalf of our service providers is complete, accurate, not misleading, and up to date. We further confirm that all personal information will only be used for the single purpose of the billing services that is given to our clients.

  2. Security Safeguards:
    As operators we confirm that the process used of all personal information is done so lawfully, by securing the confidentiality, integrity and the accuracy of all personal information provided by our service providers.

  3. Technical and Organisational Measures:
    As operators we validate that the technical and organisational measures that we have in place are effective in complying with the internal and external risks to safeguard the data rights of all the service providers personal information.

  4. Unauthorised Processing:
    As operators we confirm that we can detect the unauthorised access or acquisition of all personal information and will duly notify our service providers should such access be detected. We furthermore confirm that all our personnel are trained to distinguish between processing that is unlawful or in the legitimate interest of our service providers. Should a compromise be discovered, we confirm having suitable processes and procedures in place to restore the integrity of our systems.

  5. Service Provider Capability:
    As operators we confirm adhering to all lawful conditions by being transparent when processing personal information. We further confirm that all instructions from our service providers in respect to the deletion and destruction of personal information when information is not accurate, irrelevant, excessive, out of date, incomplete or obtained unlawfully is adhered to by us and we furthermore confirm assuring our service providers that all instructions are immediately obeyed and followed through.

  6. Suspension and Termination:
    As operators we advise that should a termination or suspension of a contract occur between us and our service providers, we remain responsible of the personal information that was provided to us and should the need arise, enable the data subject participation between us and our service providers.